Professional Physique Development & Lifestyle Transformation Specialist

How Can We Transform For Lifestyle

MW Strength & Performance

Transformation isn’t a future event, it’s a present day activity.’ Jillian Michaels.

Over recent years we have, as a Professional Physique Development & Lifestyle Transformation Coaching Platform, worked with over 500 people across the UK. We have transformed their lives in many ways through bespoke health nutrition, lifestyle and physique development strategies.

Private Coaching

A dedicated private coaching facility based in Rotherham, Yorkshire that employs a personal fitness coach to maximise your transformational regime.

Remote Coaching

Expert tuition available via remote software, such as Skype by our expert personal fitness coach. Your geographical location can lo longer be a barrier to transform your lifestyle.

Proven Success

The results and testimonials from clients that you can find on this site, speak for themselves, with many of our clients recommending others for one of our programmes.