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Looking at what we see in performance and competitive based football today where fitness, athlete health and the condition of the athlete is important to develop that cutting edge is often prescribed as long distance running by a coach.

This stands up well for cardiovascular health, general fitness and a certain level of conditioning.

Whilst this part of a periodised and structured training plan to assist an athlete is necessary, we must also consider the condition of the athlete.

In semi professional football the condition of a competitive athlete can differ based on amounts of time training weekly, diet recovery and lifestyle.

With this in mind when we are consulting semi professional athletes and competitive footballers to develop the cutting competitive edge amongst other clubs and athletes.

There are certain considerations to understand.

Football is an explosive sport requiring certain performance based intervention.

Not requiring:

– Steady paced activity yet short burst interval interaction which requires explosive exercise based intervention.
– Slow twitch muscle activation yet fast twitch muscle fibres initiation.
– Slow paced movement yet requiring sprint mechanics and availability.

So when I look at a players condition from a strength and performance based perspective I find ways where we can use explosive exercise to initiate fast muscle fibres, ways to incorporate strength based exercise into a structured periodisation formula both through step loads and deloads similarly to Tudor Bompas science of the periodised plan and intervene both psychologically to help the athlete gain that cutting edge psychology above others in the league to assist their team for the better and create periodised nutrition that will develop the movement for the athlete in a new found capacity.

If your club, your athlete and your team need an assessment feel free to contact me today to start the application process to steer them in the right direction.

Reference: Tudor O.Bompa, Periodisation Training For Sports 2015.

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