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Sometimes it’s not the ground you plant your feet on, it’s your roots that have done you good.

I grew up in a special northern town that captured my heart from the get go.

Captured a part of me that I will never let go.

In 32 years and that little bit more, it’s always been grounding to know I call this place, this town and this grounding part of the world:

“My home.”

The people of the town, the places that share the brilliant moments and the trips down memory lane will live a long life in me, because they keep me mentally sane.

There’s been ups & the downs yet most of all the favourite memories hold my favourite sounds.

From watching the team in the town to drinking a coffee or two down at F&H or in the George Wright’s whilst listening to the good people and sharing special memories and magical times like my brothers wedding hold some of those incredible sounds. 💙

Venturing down the Liquid Thursday, Friday and Saturdays with my brother, close friends and pals:

“The good old days to name a few.”

To the day I built my gym and then went on to develop my natural bodybuilding with a coach who means a lot. 💙

You can probably guess and understand this place means more than the journey Iv well trod, the book and its pages a part.

So when it comes to it, I sit and think:

“It sits deep in my heart.”

So I had a thought just recently, a thought that lead to some more and one that will commemorate those times and many more.

A thought that come from the heart.

Those times personally, those times emotionally and those times professionally that will leave an imprint, a footprint and a place well trod.

Commemorating something positive, insightful from all of the above.

Something not only that looks good or feels good yet something emotion, heartfelt and that imprints a handprint for the great of good.

At a place in the town that resonates.

Resonates well with me, my grandad and a better part of a colourful childhood.

Because when all is said & done:

Sometimes it’s not the ground you plant your feet on, it’s your roots that have done you good.


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