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“What you see here isn’t just a set of results, a side by side or the highlights for social media:

It’s a lot lot more than that,
It’s heart, passion, determination and old school graft rolled into one.

2 years ago:

I had the proud honour of becoming a mentor, a trainer, a coach yet most of , all a true friend to a great bloke.

When I started working with Ed our objective was to transform his physique and recreate a photo shoot physique over 12 weeks and in that time we didn’t just do that though, we went one step on.

And it’s been a special chapter from that day on.

In the last 2 years this lad has not only transformed his physique yet recreated a desire, a special passion and a heart full of love for reviving his modelling career he had in his 20s, signed with a London based professional modelling agency, become the in demand, go to fitness model in the south west of England, successfully published over 20 cover model publications worldwide and gone from strength to strength personally, professionally and in business ever since.

It’s not been easy though and things like this never are knowing my old fashioned methodology helps get the result yet the true grit came from this lad, who picked up the baton from day one and ran with it.

They say though: “Transformation isn’t a future event, it’s a present day activity.”

And with that in mind knowing how Ed works, it gives me a proud position to now sit & watch him continue to be present, thrive and win on this journey.

Keep winning my mate as you do.

Because like I said to you:

“Winners win.”

We keep going.”

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